We keep a dry February! Tame however heavy sweating, anywhere on your body, with a brutal discount of up to US$300!! Just until February 25, 2024.


By no means! Electro Antiperspirant machines are equipped with a patented technology to prevent electric shock and a sophisticated protection system that protects you at all times. Read the instructions carefully and do not be afraid of anything. The current in the machine is so small that nothing can happen. The machines are designed with regard to maximum safety, clinically tested and approved by the authorities. Electro Antiperspirants help tens of thousands of people around the world, they will help you as well.

Contraindications are pregnancy, cardiac issues, pacemaker or other life-supporting implant or metallic implant near the area of treatment.

The satisfaction guarantee is here because we have the utmost confidence in our product and we want you to be able to test the machine and verify that it is really functional and solves your problems with excessive sweating. If that isn’t true, simply return the machine to the address specified in the manual and you will get your money back.

Do not worry, Electro Antiperspirants are effective on nearly everyone. Many people are surprised immediately after the first procedure that nothing is happening, but the opposite is true. During treatment, it is necessary to adhere to the instructions and dosing of the therapeutic procedures. Initially it seems that nothing is happening, but the treatment is taking place. Over time (within 1-3 weeks) the sweating will suddenly disappear before you know it.

Continue your treatment and your hands will be dry. This phenomenon is observed by Electro Antiperspirant users in about 20% of cases. Sometimes there is a short-term increase sweating before your palms stop sweating. This phenomenon means that you will soon reach your goal. Continue the treatment according to the manual.

The first one to three weeks on a regular basis according to the enclosed instructions. Then comes the maintenance phase and the machine is used on the affected area only once every few weeks to months, depending on the type of the patient, and only when the sweating begins to return.

Application of botulinum toxin according to the place (size) comes to at least US$500,- (for both hands) for the feet US$750,- and the armpits to US$500,- per application. It must be repeated after a few months (3-4) again at the same price. You must attend the clinic, and if the botulinum toxin does not work, your money will never be returned. You buy the iontophoresis machine once, and you use it at the cost of constantly. recharging the AA batteries. This means that you can buy the Electro Antiperspirant, which can be used continuously for many years, for the price of the first temporary application of botulinum toxin on the hands. In addition, with a money back guarantee.

Sweating itself helps to cool the body during exercise. However, you will only stop sweating in places where the Electro Antiperspirant will be applied, i.e. the palms, soles, armpits, or other body parts. Other parts of the body ensure reliable thermoregulation and the removal of pollutants as before. You don't have to worry about any negative impacts on your body Electro Antiperspirants can only help you.

It is not. However, you must choose the appropriate machine. During the development of the Electro Antiperspirant machine, a variety of frequencies of electric current were tested, with regard to the best possible toleration of its effect by the human body. For sensitive patients, there is the Electro Antiperspirant Sensitive or the pulsed Electro Antiperspirant ELITE.

The machine is fine. Until you have limbs in a container with water or adapters attached to the body the value on the machine will always be 0. You have to have limbs in a container with water or adapters attached to the body, then the value will go up.

Certainly. All Electro Antiperspirants are designed so that you can choose the kind of strength of therapy that you are comfortable with and in which you feel only a mild tingling. You don't have to use a large value.

Do not proceed. Now you are in the maintenance phase. Apply 1-2 procedures only when the sweating starts to slowly return. It will keep you dry again for a long time.

We create individual plans tailored to specific customers free of charge. First, it is necessary to complete the plan specified in the manual, on the basis of its results, we then apply an individual plan if necessary, which is sent to the customer via email.

Pulsed therapy is used primarily to enable more sensitive patients to undergo treatment without adverse feelings. Thanks to pulsed therapy, the Electro Antiperspirant ELITE can be set to suit even the most sensitive individuals during treatment. That's the magic of the pulsed therapy.