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Electro Antiperspirant ELITE, Electro Antiperspirant Sensitive, Electro Antiperspirant

Electro Antiperspirant

Since 2010, the number of iontophoresis machines serving for the treatment of excessive sweating has expanded to the present form. In 2010, the company of HIGHTECH DEVELOPMENT Group launched the first machine called the Electro Antiperspirant. From similar solutions it differed notably in the ease of control, operation using ordinary AA batteries (or their rechargeable variant) and an effectiveness that was already tested by over 100.000 people worldwide. During clinical testing under medical supervision, in 2010-2012, this unit managed to help excessive sweating in each patient treated with it. Due to its versatility and the possibility of using it on all parts of his body, it is still part of our product line. It is not possible to improve much on such high efficiency.

Electro Antiperspirant Sensitive

Yet in the second half of 2012, a machine called the Electro Antiperspirant Sensitive was launched. It differs from the first Electro Antiperspirant especially in the course of the current, which allows even people with sensitive skin to use the machine. A patented mechanism to prevent electrical shock if misused was implemented in this iontophoresis machine for the first time. This electric shock was never dangerous, but its removal convinced even those who had thus far been reluctant, to utilize the therapy. You can connect and disconnect from the Sensitive Electro Antiperspirant machine at any time during treatment, and the machine will not cause electric shock. It is designed especially for women and for patients with sensitive skin for the treatment of hands, feet and armpits. In the simultaneous therapy of both hands you do not need the assistance of any other person, unlike with the first Electro Antiperspirant.

Electro Antiperspirant ELITE

Although it would seem that the HIGHTECH DEVELOPMENT Group had already done everything for the vanquishing of excessive sweating from the world, that was not the case. And so in 2015 the Electro Antiperspirant ELITE came into existence. This is a brand new machine built on the efficiency of the first Electro Antiperspirant, with patented technology preventing electrical shock, as with the Electro Antiperspirant Sensitive. And that’s not all. The Electro Antiperspirant in the ELITE version can be powered either from the mains or from an integrated high-capacity battery for the first time in history. It can be connected anywhere in the world, thanks to a system that can work with an electric network from 100 to 240 volts, with the socket type simply being selected when ordering. The Electro Antiperspirant ELITE is a fully automatic iontophoresis machine equipped with a microprocessor and a new type of pulsed technology, so that it can be used anywhere on the body, even by the most sensitive people, including children. Just choose the body part you want to remove excessive sweating from, press the Start button and the Electro Antiperspirant ELITE takes care of the rest. You won’t need the assistance of another person for the treatment of both hands together here either.

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