Iontophoresis Machine

Welcome to the website dedicated to iontophoresis machines. Iontophoresis machine serve several purposes, of which two are most common. It is the application of medicines into the skin during cosmetic procedures and removal of excessive sweating, which is technically called Electro Antiperspirant. On this site, we will discuss which device is right for you. The first category of the site is called: Iontophoresis – Cosmetic Device and the second category Iontophoresis – Device against Sweating. In both of these categories, we will try to find if and how iontophoresis can help you. Another category is called Iontophoresis – Using the Device where we will show you how Electro Antiperspirant is used. Finally, you will be able to order the device at a discount under category Buy the Device.

It should be emphasized that both cosmetic iontophoresis and Electro Antiperspirant are a very effective means, which do not promise the impossible like many other placebo solutions in the form of various ointments, teas and the like. In case of Electro Antiperspirant, its effects are supported by the results of an independent clinical study that showed 100% effectiveness in all treated patients, which makes it arguably the most effective means of removing excessive sweating currently on the market which has won many satisfied customers and thousands of fans on Facebook. We hope this website will help you get enough information and help you choose which type of iontophoresis is right for you.